About us

The hotel brasserie au violon - a special place, with a particular history.

The hotel brasserie au violon first opened in 1999 at a unique location steeped in history – which we continue to write today. The business was deeply influenced and shaped by different executives over time.  Under Philippe Maire, who became the director in 2014, the operating concept was reworked for the relaunch in 2018. The core philosophy remained: Guests should experience a relaxing stay in a special, French style hotel and brasserie.

The double meaning of "au violon" refers to the music museum next door and to a piece of unique history shared by the various inhabitants of the Lohnhof local. Together with the jazz club "The Bird's Eye", the nursery "Schnäggehüsli", the cellar theater "Baseldytschi Biihni", language school "Centerpoint" as well as private residential apartments, different generations unite to revitalize and invigorate the Lohnhof.