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Choose a meal from a variety of delicious meals of the French cuisine.


Soup of the day
CHF 10.00

Salad with warm goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
CHF 15.00

Fish soup (IT) Provence style, rouille et croutons
CHF 18.00

Green and white asparagus salad mimosa style
CHF 18.00

Crispy boiled egg and artichoke cream with parmesan
CHF 20.00

Gilthead tatar (GR) with lime and green asparagus velouté
CHF 22.00

Duck liver (FR) marmorated in red wine with rhubarb and brioche
CHF 26.00

Roman snails (FR) Burgundian style with garlic butter (6 pièces)
CHF 16.00

Main courses

Poached salmon (SCO) with chorizo emulsion, risotto and piperade Basque style
CHF 42.00

Fillets of sole (NL) rolled with truffle butter and celery
CHF 46.00

Braised scallops (US), beetroots spaghetti and Granny Smith apple vierge
CHF 44.00


Beefsteak tatar (CH) with french fries or toast and green salad
140g CHF 29.00 / 220g CHF 38.00

Guinea fowl ballotine (FR) with morels, Anna potatoes and asparagus
CHF 44.00

Braised lamb shank confit (IRL) with mustard de Meaux lentils
CHF 44.00

Duckling breast with orange sauce, gnocchi with citrus fruits and artichockes
CHF 42.00

Beef onglet (CH) with escalot sauce, french fries and vegetables
CHF 39.00

Lacquered calf's sweetbreads (CH), polenta and chicory salad
CHF 42.00

Beef fillet (AUS) with garlic butter, french fries and vegetables 
180g CHF 52.00

Additional side dish
CHF 6.00


Gnocchi with citrus fruits, artichokes and coriander
CHF 29.00


Risotto with coconut milk, green and white asparagus
CHF 32.00

Kids menu

Meat or fish with french fries, risotto or gnocchi, vegetables

Dessert: A choice of ice-cream
CHF 22.00



Les classiques du Violon

Floating island (meringue shells in custard sauce)
CHF 14.00

Café gourmand « Au Violon »
CHF 16.00

Vanilla crème brûlée
CHF 14.00

Chocolate cream puff
CHF 15.00

Mix of berries with vanilla ice-cream
CHF 14.00

Les découvertes

Mille feuille with raspberries
CHF 15.00

Tiramisu with strawberries, blackcurrant sorbet
CHF 15.00

Lemon tart with lemon basil sorbet
CHF 14.00

La boule

Ice-cream: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nut/maple sirup, rum raisins
CHF 4.20

Sorbet: lemon, passion fruit, raspberry/strawberry, black currant
CHF 4.20

Extra whipping cream
CHF 1.00


Rates included 7.7% VAT and service