Soup of the day
CHF 10.00

Salad with warm goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
CHF 15.00

Fish soup (FR) Provence style with rouille and croutons
CHF 18.00

Roman snails (FR) Burgundian style with garlic butter (6 pieces)
CHF 16.00


Beefsteak tatar (CH) with french fries or toast and green salad
140 g CHF 29.00 / 220 g CHF 38.00

Braised shoulder piece of beef (CH) with mashed potatoes and vegetables
CHF 44.00

Sole (IS) meuniere with boiled potatoes and spinach
CHF 49.00

Coq (FR) au Riesling with Spaetzle
CH 39.00


Spaetzle cassolette with mushrooms and parmesan
CHF 29.00


Fine apple tart with vanilla ice-cream
CHF 13.00

Chocolate tartlet
CHF 13.00

Profiteroles au chocolat
CHF 15.00


Prices are in Swiss Francs incl. VAT of 7.7%, service is included