Choose a meal from a variety of delicious meals of the French cuisine.


Soup of the day
CHF 10.00

Salad with warm goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
CHF 16.00

Fond d'artichaut vinaigrette façon mimosa
CHF 18.00

Sea bass ceviche (GR) with lime and melon
CHF 25.00

Foie gras de canard (FR) marbré au vin rouge, cerises et pistaches
CHF 29.00

Roman snails (FR) Burgundian style with garlic butter (6 pieces)
CHF 16.00



Filet of gurnard (IS) with saffron emulsion and black garlic,
polenta with dried tomatoes and artichokes
CHF 41.00

Scallops (US) with calmaries vierge and zucchini spaghetti
CHF 45.00


Beefsteak tatar (CH) with french fries or toast and green salad
140 g CHF 29.00 / 220 g CHF 38.00

Beef carpaccio (CH) with garden rocket and parmesan and french fries
CHF 34.00

Corn chicken (FR) with sage jus, risotto and green asparagus
CHF 39.00

Veal spider (CH) with summer garniture and thin noodles
CHF 48.00

Beef fillet (AUS) with garlic butter, french fries and vegetables
CHF 54.00

Pulled shoulder of lamb (IRL) with sweet peppers and fondant potatoes
CHF 46.00

Vegetarian and vegan

Eggplant caponata with hummus and chickpea fries
CHF 29.00

Kids menu

Poultry cordon bleu (CH) or pike-perch (IS) with french fries,
noodles or risotto and vegetables
and a choice of ice-cream
CHF 22.00


Ile flottante (Floating island)
CHF 14.00

Vanilla crème brûlée
CHF 13.00

Cheesecake aux fruits rouges
CHF 14.00

Entremet with chocolate mousse, coconut and raspberries
CHF 15.00

Café gourmand " Au Violon"
CHF 15.00

La boule CHF 4.20

Vanille, chocolate, coffee, rum raisin
CHF 4.20

Les sorbets CHF 4.20
Lemon, passionfruit/mango, black currant, raspberry/strawberry, pear

Extra whipped cream
CHF 1.00


Prices are in Swiss Francs incl. VAT of 7.7%, service is included