Choose a meal from a variety of delicious meals of the French cuisine.


Soup of the day
CHF 10.00

Salad with warm goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
CHF 15.00

Cherry gazpacho with ricotta basil mousse
CHF 16.00

Marinated king prawns (VM) with coriander mayonnaise, water melon and cucumber
CHF 22.00

Sea bass carpaccio (GR) with lime vinaigrette and eggplants
CHF 24.00

Duck liver (FR) marmorated in red wine, apricots and pistachios
CHF 28.00

Roman snail (FR) Burgundian style with garlic butter (6 pièces)
CHF 16.00



Monkfish medallions (IS) with venus clams, minestrone with fregola and pistou
CHF 46.00

Fillet of gilthead (GR) with eggplant caponata and hummus
CHF 44.00

Fried scallops (US) with puree and salad of white beans, peach and verbena
CHF 42.00


Beefsteak tatar (CH) with french fries or toast and green salad
140 g CHF 29.00 / 220 g CHF 38.00

Beef carpaccio (CH) with french fries, garden rocket and parmesan
CHF 32.00

Lamb loin (IRL) in bread crust, chickpea fries with olives and zucchini
CHF 46.00

Veal paillard (CH) with thin noodles and olive, capers and lemon condiments
CHF 49.00

Saltimbocca of corn-fed poulard (FR) with sage gravy, risotto and green asparagus
CHF 39.00

Pork cutlet (CH) dry aged cooked at low temperature, gnocchi with chanterelles and peas
CHF 44.00

Beef fillet (AUS) with garlic butter, french fries and vegetables
180g CHF 54.00

Additional side dish
CHF 6.00


Gnocchi with chanterelles and peas
CHF 29.00


Eggplant caponata with hummus and chickpea fries with olives
CHF 32.00

Kids menu

Meat or fish with french fries, risotto, noodles or gnocchi and vegetables
CHF 22.00

Dessert: A choice of ice-cream



Les classiques du Violon
Floating island (meringue shells in custard sauce)
CHF 14.00

Café gourmand « Au Violon »
CHF 16.00

Crème brûlée with Bourbon vanilla
CHF 14.00

Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice-cream
CHF 14.00

Les desserts de saison

Tiramisu with Baileys, chestnuts and coffee ice-cream
CHF 15.00

Pear filled with Bavaroise vanilla, salted caramel sauce and streusel
CHF 15.00

Chocolate cake with rum, nut cream and nut maple sirup ice-cream
CHF 15.00

La boule (CHF 4.20)

Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nut/maple sirup, rum raisin

Sorbets (CHF 4.20)

Lemon, passion fruit, pear, raspberry/strawberry, black currant

Extra whipped cream
CHF 1.00


Prices include VAT of 7.7%, service is included