À la carte fall 2018

Choose a meal from a variety of delicious meals of the French cuisine.


Soup of the day
CHF 8.00 / 10.00

Salad with warm goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
CHF 12.00 / 14.00

Fried marrow-bone (CH) with garlic butter and toast
CHF 16.00 / 18.00

Bluefin tuna tatar (PH) with avocado puree and radish
CHF 18.00 / 22.00

Duck liver (FR) in red wine marmorated and pear and brioche
CHF 25.00 / 29.00

Crispy boiled egg with mushroom emulsion and parsnip mousse with hazelnut
CHF 20.00

Poultry bouillon with duck liver and truffle in crust
CHF 18.00

Roman snails (FR) Burgundy style with garlic butter (6 pièces)
CHF 16.00


Main courses


Turbot Grenoblese style (NL), saffron potatoes and spinach
CHF 48.00

Roasted salmon (SCO) with bacon, sauce with cumin and sauerkraut
CHF 39.00

Scallops with crab meat à la nage and Brussels sprouts
CHF 44.00


Beefsteak Tatar (CH) with french fries or toast and green salad
140g CHF 29.00 / 220g CHF 38.00

Poultry roll with trumpets of death, risotto and black salsifies
CHF 39.00

Shoulder piece of beef confit (CH), sauce bordelaise, turnips and sweet potato
CHF 44.00

Potato soufflé with shoulder of lamb  (IRL) and herb salad
CHF 46.00

Beef fillet (AUS) with garlic butter, french fries and vegetables 
180g CHF 52.00

Ris de veau (CH) caramélisé, gnocchi, potiron et marrons
CHF 42.00

Medaillons of venison (AT) with master-hunter's sauce, spätzle, red cabbage and apple CHF 54.00

Additional side dish
CHF 6.00


Creamy risotto with trumpets of death and black salsifis
CHF 32.00

Pumpkin stuffed with tofu and frisee lettuce
CHF 28.00

Kids menu

Meat or fish with french fries, risotto or spätzle, vegetables
Dessert: Ice-cream
CHF 22.00



Les classiques du Violon

Floating island (meringue shells in custard sauce)
CHF 14.00

Café gourmand « Au Violon »
CHF 16.00

Vanilla and tonka bean crème brûlée
CHF 14.00

Apple "Tatin" style with vanilla ice-cream
CHF 13.00

Les découvertes

Mousse Mont Blanc with chestnuts and iced cream
CHF 15.00

Crispy nut tart with coffee mousse and nut/maple sirup ice-cream
CHF 14.00

Black chocolate mousse filled with pear and served with pear sorbet
CHF 15.00

La boule

Ice-cream: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nut/maple sirup, rum raisins
CHF 4.20

Sorbet: lemon, passion fruit, raspberry/strawberry, pear
CHF 4.20

Extra whipping cream
CHF 1.00


Rates included 7.7% VAT and service